Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Rover (2014) Movie Review

One starts imagining the best screen play and cinematography when the name of David Michôd is associated to any film. He is known for his expertise of film making. He has directed a lot of films till now and has won his place in the heart of the English audience. In this film too he is up to try new things in hi9s work. It’s a fact that he is known for experimenting new things in the world of films. This time he has made his mind to explore Australian desert. His Eric (Guy Pearce) has suffered from such circumstances of life where he is left with nothing. 

The only possession he has is a car which is finally stolen by a group of gangsters, who are dangerous criminals as well. Robert Pattinson who is playing Reynolds in the film constitutes the main stream line of the film. He comes on the screen as an injured person who proves to be the last hope for Eric to get his matter resolved with those vagabonds. 

Rover (2014) Movie Complete Review

The film is basically an action thriller which will not let you to leave it for a second even and will provide you with the best entertainment on screen. Animal Kingdom was the name of the first project by this dynamic director, David Michôd, who plans each and every scene of the film in such a way that the menacing factor of the film stays alive through out, which is really an amusing thing for the viewers.

An ideal director develops a strange chemistry with the artists so that they can really understand, in the depth, what he wants them to execute. Once this chemistry is developed the best on screen shots become a child’s play. Here in this film we see that the hero is being casted by the director a second time. That shows they have developed the wild collaboration which is finally required to make an epic movie. 

No doubt Animal Kingdom is considered to be the highest statement among the Hollywood films and that is why the hopes are very high with this Australian director who has thrown a simple story without any catchy lines but still it is David Michôd working on it so the audience is expecting something rarely seen before. The director has announced that after completing all his work he will take it to Australia where the finishing touches will be given to the film for post production. 26 Nov 2012 was the date when David started working on it and as he is a pertinent 

Verdict on Rover (2014) Movie

Person he announced that he will start with the shooting of the film in Jan 2013 and this is how it happened to be. David is found very much concerned about the paper work of the film and he does all the scripting by his own self so that he can generate his required mark amongst the public. As the film was going to be shooted in the desert so it could be a far reach from the crew coming from Northern Hemisphere but everyone threw himself fully into the film.